Continuous Descent Final Approach (CDFA) Calculator

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The Continuous Descent Final Approach (CDFA) is a technique for flying the final approach segment of an NPA as a continuous descent. The technique is consistent with stabilized approach procedures and has no level-off. A CDFA starts from an altitude/height at or above the FAF and proceeds to an altitude/height approximately 50 feet (15 meters) above the landing runway threshold or to a point where the flare maneuver should begin for the type of aircraft being flown. This definition harmonizes with the ICAO and the European Aviation Safety Agency(EASA).

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Feet Meters

°C °F

Inches hPa

Knots MPH

Knots from runway heading





NM  Distance to travel, normally the FAF to the VDP.

feet  Altitude to lose. Altitude Calculator:  High Low TCH Add to Low


317 feet per minute

318 seconds

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